Saturday, January 18, 2014

DEFINE: Selfie

Selfie: When a person takes a photo of himself.

People take photos of themselves for various reasons. Like, there isn't anyone trustworthy around to take that naked upper body shot you're trying to grab. Or you just want an interesting angle. Or there's no mirror around to look in. Selfies are fun! Selfies are not fun when taken in the wrong places, such as bathrooms. Do not take selfies in the bathroom. Selfies can easily be taken with the front facing camera on many smartphones. They're harder to take with actual cameras, but still doable!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Know Your Acronyms: ILY

ILY: I Love You

Written in text, ILY can be sent to family, friends and significant others to remind them how you feel.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Know Your Acronyms: LMK

LMK: Let Me Know

This one has been popping up a lot recently. Used when a response is needed to a text or an email. It is not said aloud. It is often written in all lowercase letters so don't let the L fool you!

Example: "The show starts at 7pm on Saturday. If you want to go, just lmk."

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Know Your Acronyms: IMO

IMO: In My Opinion

Used in text, IMO gives a person the opportunity to preface a statement with the fact that it reflects their personal feelings on the matter. Alternatively, IMHO stands for "In My Honest Opinion," which is often used.

Example: "IMO, I don't think a girl should kiss a guy on the first date."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Kassie Cucchiella of Maryland was just four years old when she explained to her mom what she would do if a monster came into her room. This kid isn't afraid of anything! The same version of this video has been re-uploaded to YouTube by multiple users preventing an accurate view count, but the most viewed version has more than 17 million views. Enjoy, "I'm Gonna Kick His Ass."

Monday, September 23, 2013

Define: Booty Call

Booty Call: A rendezvous between two people who are not romantically involved, but have called upon each other for a hook up.

A booty call usually occurs late into the night after both have confirmed there's no one else to get with. One person texts the other (rarely calls) and meets up. If you meet up with someone for a booty call, you are that person's booty call. Rarely does a booty call turn into a relationship, but many girls do so with the hope...

Phrases to Know: Facebook Official

"Facebook Official"
When two people who have been seeing each other finally DTR, the relationship isn't truly official until it's "Facebook official!"

Facebook allows you to define your relationship by tagging another person and selecting one of eleven relationship statuses. Though the status is optional, Facebook gives you the opportunity to make your relationship known.

Know Your Acronyms: DTR

DTR: Define The Relationship

These days, there isn't exactly a defining line between a regular hook up and a relationship. When you come to a point where you are seeing someone romantically on a regular basis, but aren't sure what you are to each other, it's time to DTR! It can be a challenging question, "what are we?" but it's an important step to figuring out where you stand and with any luck, you can soon make it "Facebook official!"

(See: Booty Call)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Butt Dial*: To unintentionally place a phone call to someone after putting your phone in your [back] pocket. This usually results in dead-air for the person who receives the call or worse - they hear what you are doing or saying.

To avoid butt dialing, be sure you do not put your phone in your pocket while it is lit up. Don't turn the whole phone off, but make sure it is in standby mode by "locking" the phone.

*Pocket Dial is a more polite way to refer to this type of incident.


Muffin Top: When excess fat around the waist is pushed out by tight pants, creating what looks like the top of a muffin flowing over the paper cup.

All ladies have that super tight pair of pants, don't pretend like you've never had a muffin top before! To avoid, don't wear such tight pants, loosen your belt a bit or just wear a longer top to cover it.


Sergio Flores, aka "Sexy Sax Man," delivers saxagrams. What exactly is a saxagram? Sergio will show up in the middle of a crowded football game or in the middle of your college class or even in the middle of a busy food court and play his saxophone! He'll wear classic 80s attire: mullet, suspenders over a bare chest and sunglasses. And he will play that saxophone until he is asked to leave or physically removed. Here's the kicker: Sergio seems to know just one song. With more than 21 million views, check out Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper Prank feat. Sergio Flores:

Check out Sergio's The Sexy Sax Man website for merchandise and to book him for a saxagram. He resides in Los Angeles, but will travel. FYI, he is booked up for the next SIX months!

Recycled Words: THONGS

Used to mean: A pair of sandals separating the big toe from the rest, often referred to as flip-flops.
"Getting ready to head to the beach with my bathing suit, towel and thongs."

Also means: Women’s underwear with a thin back to separate the butt cheeks.

"When that girl bent over, I was able to see her thong sticking out of her pants!"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phrases to Know: FELL OFF

"Fell Off"
When a person disappears from your life due to being busy or having new obligations. Think fell off... the face of the Earth.

Angela: "I literally haven't seen Danielle in three months."
Isabella: "Oh, I know. She totally fell off."