Monday, August 26, 2013

Define: TWERK

My mom texted me tonight and asked what exactly twerking is. After Miley Cyrus' performance on the MTV Video Music Awards last night, it's all anyone is talking about. "Did you see Miley twerk on the VMAs last night?" - I heard it all day and read about it online. Did you?

The polite answer I sent to my mom was...

Twerk: An inappropriate sexual dance move consisting of quick booty-shaking and thrusting the pelvis into the air.

Sorry to be so graphic, mom. Speaking of being graphic, here is a gif to show you exactly what twerking looks like. Sure, make a disgusted face, but later you'll try it out just to see if you can do it. ;)

A couple of great articles came out today in conjunction with Miley's performance. HLN posted a brief history of twerking and referred to it as the Lambada for the new generation. And BuzzFeed posted an incredible set of gifs of Miley twerking on famous pieces of artwork.

You can check out Miley's outrageous VMA performance here:


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