Sunday, August 18, 2013

Emoji: Communication through graphics

You know all about showing expression through symbols with emoticons. Emoji are tiny graphics intended to show emotion as well as to jazz up your texting. No longer do you need to spend time assembling colons and parenthesis together to show you're happy :)

Now you can just select the happy face that most reflects how you are feeling. Not feeling happy? There's emoji for that too. A variety of emoji are available on all kinds of mobile devices. Each brand of devices has its on set of emoji to send to other users.
Try to Google your type of phone and include emoji to see if your phone has the ability to send them.

Below are the instructions for enabling emoji on your iphone (iOS 5 and up). Keep in mind iOS 5 does not mean iPhone 5. iOS 5 specifies the version of the operating system on your phone, the software that makes everything run. iOS 5 is available on older iPhone models - not just the iPhone 5.

Instructions to enable emoji on an Apple mobile device:

1. Open settings from your home screen. The icon looks like this:

2. Tap on 'General'

3. Tap on 'International' and then select 'Keyboards'

4. Tap "Add New Keyboard..." and scroll down until you find 'Emoji'  - tap!

5. You should now see 'Emoji' under your keyboards! Let's test it out. From the home screen, open mail or messages, however you can get to a keyboard! Just click on the little world icon at the bottom of your keyboard to show your alternative keyboard. Tons of fun emoji are available. Be sure to tap on the different categories and swipe your finger across the emoji to the left to see more in each category!


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