Sunday, August 25, 2013

DEFINE: Group Texts... Gexts?

I made a small mistake this evening and texted a photo to six people at once from my iPhone. It went to my mom, dad, brother, uncle, grandmother and best friend (yes Sharon, you are my BFFL!)

I wanted to share the photo and a quick message with each of them, but didn't want to sit there individually texting each of them. Since I sent out a group message, the photo went to all of them as a bundle and that meant each of their responses were sent to all of us. Each of our phones were buzzing every few seconds as another response came in - 7 people typing at once means messages pour in.

A friend of mine refers to these messages as "gexts," a combination of the words "group" and "texts." I'll allow it due to its short length, logic and catchiness.

Everyone reacted differently to the situation:

  • My grandmother didn't realize it was a gext and texted me numerous questions specifically to me.
  • My best friend only knew my brother and my phone numbers and was unsure who she was in the gext with.
  • My brother kept encouraging the conversation to be funny.
  • My uncle, likely asleep never responded and is probably going to be very confused tomorrow.

  • The conversation lasted for nearly an hour and a half, partially thanks to my brother.

    The lesson here is be careful who you gext. Make sure you note whether your text is with an individual or a group. Let the conversation end when it should, and try not to put your friends and family in a gext with phone numbers they're unfamiliar with. The photo and message should have been sent as an email and not a gext. 

    Check back soon to learn when it's appropriate to text vs. call vs. email.

    By the way, there is currently no way to opt out of a gext - or leave the conversation. Maybe down the road...


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