Monday, August 26, 2013

The Making of a Meme

A meme (rhymes with beam) is anything from an idea to a quote or media that spreads (these days, across the Internet) like a virus.

A funny YouTube video becomes a meme as it bounces from email box to the next and across social media sites. Meme isn’t an acronym, and instead comes from the word memory, which is fitting!

There are tons of websites loaded with photo memes, many with funny captions. Remember those caption contests in magazines in newspapers? There would be a funny photo and you would be asked to send in funny captions.

Essentially, that’s what the modern photo meme is. It usually starts with a photo, often something that makes you laugh even before a caption is attached. And then a caption is added. And there you have it! A meme that is both cute and clever and off it goes, being shared across the Internet with all of its meme flair.

Have you shared a meme today?


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