Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tip: Find what you're searching for on Google

Google offers ways to narrow down your search when utilizing the search engine. If you search "yellow flower rug," it will automatically pull up websites that match the search. Maybe you'd like to see photos of yellow flower rugs, in which case, you would want to click on Images. Or maybe you Googled this because you're shopping for a new rug. Why not click on shopping and let Google help you find results?

Google offers a list of tips and tricks based on what you're trying to search for. Below are the ones to type into your search bar to maximize your Google searching skills:

define:word - typing this into Google will show you the word's definition as the top result. (Replace 'word' with the word you'd like defined.)

filetype:gif - add this to your Google search to limit your search to only files that end in that particular extension. (Change .gif to the specific file you are looking for)

movie: - type this into Google search to pull up movie showtimes in your area!

site:.gov - including this in your search will bring up only results from websites that end in the extension, .gov. This is helpful if you are doing research and need information from reputable sources like official government websites.

-word - to eliminate a certain word from the results your Google search will bring, just type the minus sign and type the word you want excluded.

"word words" - make your search more specific by looking for an explicit phrase. The words you search for on Google will pull up matches that include any or all of the words you've provided in any order. By using quotation marks around a certain phrase, you are telling Google to ONLY provide results that include the full phrase.

Google also has a ton of interesting products, definitely worth doing a little exploring.


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