Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Must-See YouTube Video #10

David After Dentist was uploaded to YouTube in 2009 and has over 120 million views. At the age of seven, David was on some medication after having a tooth removed at the dentist's office. David's dad filmed the procedure as well as the car ride home for David's mom who could not attend the appointment.

The video was pretty funny and David's dad uploaded it to YouTube to share with some relatives. He didn't realize making the video public would bring more than 3 million views to the video within a week. Of course, David's difficulty staying lucid does makes for some big laughs - all in good fun of course. If you ever hear the phrase, "Is this real life?" you'll know exactly where it originated:

David's dad keeps a blog with current news and photos of David and his brother, William. 


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