Saturday, September 07, 2013

Search Bar vs. Address Bar

My mom couldn't find my blog. I called her this morning and told her to check it out. Just go to She did, but it wasn't coming up. How could it not come up?

She was typing the address into the Google search bar instead of the address bar. "Is there a difference?" Definitely.

When using the Google search bar, you are asking Google to find results based on what you're searching for. If you're not searching at all, if you know exactly where you're heading, type it into the address bar and you'll be taken there directly.

Using the address bar will save you time and get you exactly where you're going. Below is a diagram that explains which is the search bar and which is the address bar.

My mom found the blog and probably doesn't appreciate this post. For more Google tips, check out How to Find What You're Looking for on Google

(click to enlarge)


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