Monday, September 09, 2013

Tip: CC vs. BCC

When sending an email, there are two additional options when inputting your recipient(s).

CC: Carbon Copy
BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

When you send an email to just one person, you simply put the recipient's email address where it says "to." When you have additional recipients, it is important to use these features correctly.

A carbon copy is used when sending an email that is TO certain person(s), but you also want to make another person(s) aware of that email, although it's not technically "to" them.

(Note: On all emails, all recipients can see who the email is TO and who is CCed on the email.)

For example, I want to email my BFFL and let her know that she left her bag at my house. Here's my email:

From: Me
CC: My Roommate

Subject: Oops, you did it again

"Hey girl hey! You left your bag at my house last night. You can swing by and get it anytime this evening. I won't be home between 7-9pm, but my roommate will be so just get in touch with her if you need it then."

My roommate definitely needs to be "copied" or CCed on this email in case my BFFL stops by while I'm not home. My BFFL needs to be equipped with my roommates email address in case she needs to reach her. Now they have knowingly been put in touch.

Now, if my mom reminds me to wish my dad a happy birthday, I will send an email TO my dad, and I will BCC my mom on the email so she knows I sent it. However, my dad doesn't necessarily need to know that my mom received the email too. The person who the email is TO does not see who is blind carbon copied on an email. However, the person(s) BCCed on an email can see who the email is TO and who is CCed:

From: Me
To: Dad
BCC: Mom

"Dad. Nobody had to remind me today is your birthday. I remembered, as always, on my own :) Have a great day celebrating! <3 Love, your daughter"

I will take this opportunity to say that if you are sending an email to more than 15 people, unless they are all family members who know each other very well, you should send the email TO yourself and BCC all of the recipients. Nobody wants to believe they are one of 75 people you sent this one email to.


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