Thank you for visiting my blog! I knew it was something I had to create after I heard about what I like to refer to as... the incident.

My cousin mentioned our grandmother was occasionally texting her messages that ended with the acronym, "LOL." But it didn't quite fit the message properly. Our grandmother believed LOL stood for "Lots of Love." Okay, not a big deal. At some point in time, before the Internet was widely used, that was actually true. People would handwrite letters and sign them in shorthand using LOL, the way we use acronyms today to shorten what we type.

But around 1996, the acronym LOL forever changed its meaning to "Laugh Out Loud." A great response to a friend when you aren't really sure how to reply. Telling someone they made you laugh is a good way to move onto the next topic.

I can't tell you how important it is for people to understand and accept this updated meaning of LOL. Because if you don't, miscommunication can ensue. Great, big, giant, monumental miscommunication.

My cousin told me a story about her friend's grandmother - let's call her Grace. Grace is in her early 70s, and is pretty hip. She goes on Facebook every day to check out the latest with her family and friends. One day she stumbled upon the Facebook profile page of a friend - let's call her Judy. Poor thing, Judy's husband had just passed away and friends and family members were sweet to post condolences on her profile page. Grace decided to join in. She wrote:

Oh Judy, I am so sorry to hear of
Charles' passing. He was such a 
dear man and lived an incredible life. 
You are certainly in my thoughts
Rest in peace, Charles. LOL.

Remember, Grace believed LOL to mean "Lots of Love." Very sweet intentions, but what most took this message to mean was, "RIP, Charles, Hahahahahahahaha." Eek!

This Mothers' Day, my cousin and I took our grandmother aside and let her know what LOL stands for these days. She was pretty surprised and wondered why we hadn't told her sooner. She was also glad she hadn't written such a thing on Judy's Facebook page. And me? Well, I decided to create a place where Internet users of all ages could visit to learn, laugh, discover and enjoy. 

Grandma, if you figured out how to properly navigate to this page, I love you.

Barbie Ross is 27 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California. She has been IMing since 1996 and texting since 2001. She created her first website at the age of 11, but only a handful of beanie baby fans ever visited. 

Barbie made the move from AOL mail to Gmail in 2006 and has been trying to convince her mom to make the switch ever since. No luck. She loves that AOL. 

When she isn't blogging or taking flak for her name, Barbie can be found begging friends to participate in game nights. No luck there either.

Barbie Ross


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